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After the success of her first book, "Rescue: Pursuit of the Ultimate Dream", Sue van Schreven once again will delight readers with the continuing story and insights into her work to bring relief to some of the world’s poorest. Sue and her family have travelled extensively and along with loyal supporters and partners have seen transformation in individuals, families and communities. This is a story of hope — and it’s both refreshing and real.

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This is a book to challenge and inspire. It is a great example of what one person’s passion and determination can accomplish in the lives of others.
— BRENDAN MCNEILL – Chairman, Orphans Aid International
Orphans Aid International is a true New Zealand aid success story. It has taken the real needs of children in other countries and actually addressed them—but not in a ‘one size fits all’ way.
— ROB HARLEY – Journalist and Film Producer

Rescue  2: The Dream Unfolds. By Sue van Schreven. RRP NZ $24.99. ISBN: 978-0-473-41850-2. 124 Pages.

Rescue2: The Dream Unfolds. By Sue van Schreven.
RRP NZ $24.99. ISBN: 978-0-473-41850-2. 124 Pages.


Stirred with a passion to help others?

Join Sue as she shares insights into one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing charities, Orphans Aid International. Learn from experience and avoid some pitfalls as you pursue your own personal dream.

This book is a must-read to encourage you in your own goals. Recommended for those with a desire to serve across our globe with helpful tips for those in the charitable sector. A must-have for budding humanitarians!

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Rescue: Pursuit of the Ultimate Dream, by Sue van Schreven. RRP NZ $29.99, ISBN: 978-0-473-18976-1.   180 Pages including 24 Full Colour Pages.

Rescue: Pursuit of the Ultimate Dream, by Sue van Schreven.
RRP NZ $29.99, ISBN: 978-0-473-18976-1.
180 Pages including 24 Full Colour Pages.

Founder and CEO of Orphans Aid International, Sue van Schreven is the wife of Carl and mother of two teenage boys, Ben and Daniel, an author and sought-after speaker.

Sue and Carl are based with their sons in Queenstown, New Zealand. Together they established Orphans Aid International as a registered charitable trust in 2004. The trust is now working in six nations including New Zealand and has been responsible for the care of thousands of children.

This is Sue’s second book. Her first book, “Rescue: Pursuit of the Ultimate Dream” was released in 2011 and is now in its third printing. Sue and Carl and their growing team have been the feature of three TVNZ documentaries, and her story has been screened numerous times across various TV channels including Air New Zealand long-haul flights. She has also been the recipient of several Vodafone Foundation awards and more recently in 2016 was a finalist for the New Zealand Women of Influence awards.

Sue describes herself as enjoying the simple things in life; her family, friends, walking the dog and taking time to write. She believes her extensive travel, especially to third world countries, has helped shape her desire to prioritise what is important and to keep others who are less fortunate in her focus.

Prior to her humanitarian work, Sue was for many years a Youth Pastor for several churches before becoming an accredited financial consultant.

Sue shares from her own first-hand experience starting a New Zealand charity from scratch and piloting it through to a successful and fast-growing organisation. She has navigated a changing landscape while raising a growing family, and here, in her second book, “Rescue2: The Dream Unfolds”, seeks to share some of her insights for success with her readers.

“The book I wish someone had given me—my tips for service. Please join me.”



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“While many live their lives pursuing their own dreams, Sue van Schreven has given her life to make the dreams of the world’s most vulnerable possible. Her example in rescuing children from poverty is one that should inspire us all make a difference in the lives of others wherever, however, and whenever we find the opportunity.”


“Rescue was a truly insightful and inspiring story of how Sue van Schreven, founder of Orphans Aid International, resolved not to walk away from abandoned and forgotten children. In October 2017 Sue was a keynote speaker where she told her story; what captured me was the photos, the short film and the difference not only for the children but families as well to enable them to earn a living. I love that Sue and others care for the children and keep in touch with them throughout their lives, they are definitely not forgotten. Sue is an inspirational person with vision who has carried out remarkable and meaningful work in several countries including New Zealand. Sue has cut through barriers and not been deterred.”


“I bought three copies of your first book and have given them all away… I am so greatly encouraged by your work and tenacity. You are an inspiration to our family and we encourage everyone to look at your Facebook [page]. We have been long term supporters and encourage others to do the same. I just wish we could do more.”


“Imagine a world where every child is growing up in a safe, stable, and nurturing family. There is something each of us can do to bring it closer to reality. You can pray for orphans and vulnerable children, speak on their behalf, or support a ministry that is doing a good work. Perhaps you could tackle a more difficult task of becoming a mentor, a foster parent, or even providing a permanent home for a child who needs it. Whatever it is, it matters a great deal, as you join the journey towards a world without orphans, one child and one family at a time.”

~ RUSLAN MALIUTA, International Facilitator: World Without Orphans


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